• Marcus

    Duty Manager
  • Jay

    Duty Manager
  • Mike

  • Kane

    Coming Soon
  • Moz

    Front of House
    John started with less than no experience of bars or restaurants. But with a genuine willingness to work and a flexible mould he has started to get to grips with hospitality life and standards of service. With a little more work and experience there is clear promise that John will come good. Being the youngest in the team, it's never easy to make yourself heard but with Ale being your tipple it's a pretty loud shout.
  • Olivia

    Front of House
    Olivia is the newest member of the team but is a great testament to the saying that "you can teach bar work, but certainly can't teach good personality and a smile!" Her interests range from previously singing in a youth choir to being a self taught guitar player. She is mostly found behind the bar but does venture front of house sometimes. There's never an Olivia without a smile.
  • Oswald

    Oswald is one of the longest serving members of the team and all round mascot of the Thursday night Quiz! A font of all knowledge and certainly wiser than most, Oswald has been there from simple beginnings and continues to rule the roost with his quiet omniscient demeanour.
  • James

    James is the newest member of the back of house kitchen team, with over 12 Years kitchen experience under his belt, has hit the ground running alongside his team to send out "Proper Great Grub" for all to enjoy. James has a vibrant love for DC Comics and Games, portioned with a generous helping of metal and rock music and simply does not mind a proper bangin' quiche!
  • Mel

    Duty Manager
    Melissa has a combination of over 7 years bar experience tucked in her apron and took to food service like a duck to a Chinese pancake. Mel is never without a smile and can take on busy services single handed. Dancer by hobby and profession means that confidence is never in short supply and is available for hire as a plus one for weddings and bar mitzvah's as long as she's paid in Shiraz.
  • Lady Cath

    First Lady of Wibsey
    Cathryn started out at The New Pack Horse with zero experience but quickly and consistently arrived to a great standard of excellent customer service and expert in keeping a crackin' pint of real ale! With a background in the theatre and as a business owner she is a no nonsense but kind Lady. Cath particularly enjoys the festive period as sherry is acceptable for breakfast.
  • Sarah

    Floor Fairy
    Sarah Is the longest serving member at The New Pack Horse and when it comes to tasks at hand, nothing is beneath her. Her loyalty is unparalleled and nothing is too much for a customer. Sarah is part of the furniture and is typically sighted with a bottle of coke and potentially singing Bon Jovi if her general clumsiness hasn't gotten in the way beforehand.
  • Louise

    Pots & Pans
    Louise is our long standing kitchen porter and custodian of the dishes and the washing up. Through the week Louise works alongside teaching assistants at a local primary school and lends us her skills over the weekend. Her hobbies include attending festivals and gigs while sampling local cuisine and is a well educated and experienced woman when it comes to the consumption of the occasional beverage.
  • Darn

    From simple beginnings "Darn" has started from the bottom and worked his way up to become one of the business owners of The New Pack Horse. In his time has managed to build an effective team that hold the venue's standards in place, achieve a flawless report and success in the Cask Marque award and plays a strong part in tasting all the products, making sure they're all right for the Patrons of the venue. "Darn" has a love for music and quite partial to the occasional wine.
  • Matthew

    Matt has an exceptional talent and passion for all things culinary and kitchen. Joining The New Pack Horse as co - owner and head chef, his continuous mission is to build a smart kitchen and even smarter food. With an eclectic work history and knowledge of food stuff he has invested this into his kitchen to strive for excellent, fresh and consistent food. Matt has a love for real ale and wheat beer, his solution to dieting is to drink Coors Light.
  • Bradley

    Bar Wizard
    Bradley has worked for The New Pack Horse for over 3 years and is usually found floating around on a weekend. Brad, over the time with us, is now the go to guy for a bangin' cocktail or seen to be getting his green fingers out with the upkeep of the exterior. Brad's interests range from playing a variety of sports, raiding the sweet box and settling down with a cold pink drink.